Our Philosophy

Our values are reflected in everything we do. We help you as a shop owner, provide security and still leave you your freedom. We accompany you from the idea to the execution and will also be at your side in the future.

Daniel Schnadt

As a Gambio founder I myself had no clue when it came to programming, so it had to be damn easy.

Daniel Wu

We protect our family - That's why security is one of the most important issues to us.

Janina Blohm

Because we started as a startup ourselves, it has always been important to us to provide a fair start to other founders.

Michael Krönke

From the first steps to massive scaling. We help you and are there for you when you need us.

What our Logo


We provide all the fundamentals and leave the rest to you.


We help you on your path to self-ralization.


Always be safe with us - technically and legally.


Carry out your plans with ease thanks to Gambio.

We create the frame

Fullfill all your wishes within a safe environment.

Moritz Bunjes

More than 20,000 shops are currently part of the Gambio family - and we would do everything for our family.

Tobias Link

We are your moving assistants so that your migration to Gambio works smoothly

Wilken Haase

Thousands of shop owners exchange ideas and support each other in our community. In hundreds of thousands of posts you can find relevant info on virtually every topic.