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Here you will find answers to the questions we are asked frequently. In case you cannot find your particular question, just send us an email or give us a call.

General questions

How much do I have to pay and what do I get?

You make a ONETIME payment of 149,- and that's it! Afterwards you can make use of our support for 12 months. There is no automatic extension whatsoever. Upon expiry of the 12 months you DO NOT have to pay again. You can use the shop-system for free as long as you want.

What does support actually mean?

By offering support, we help you with questions or problems with the software. If you, for example, receive an error message, just contact us, your support, and we will try to fix the problem as fast as possible.
However, if you want to have an additional function programmed, that is naturally not part of the support.

How much does operating an online shop cost?

There are NO running costs from our side. All you have to buy is the hosting-package (domain, webspace etc.) from your provider.

Is it really true that it already contains ALL functions?

Yes! All the functions and features described on our website are included for you. You do not have to pay extra for any module.

Can beginners operate the shop, too?

Yes! To date, every customer has gotten by with the software.
No programming skills are required. If you have ever sold an article on eBay, you can operate this shop. Furthermore, for all the important functions we offer extensive instructions including pictures.

When can I start?

Immediately after your payment has been confirmed, your access to the Gambio customer portal is activated. You can then download the software and jump right in.

Which technical requirements does my PC have to fulfill?

As the online shop is not installed on your PC, but directly on your webspace, an internet connection is the only requirement your PC has to fulfill.

Do I get an invoice?

Naturally you will receive a proper, deductible invoice including VAT.

I am from abroad, can I still buy the shop?

Yes! Even in Asia our customers successfully use this shop. Please note, however, that at the moment we can offer support only in German.

Can I also operate several shops?


I am searching for the perfect shop, are you my guys?

The perfect shop does not exist and probably will never exist (sadly). However, we give it our very best to get as close as possible. Unfortunately, problems and errors can never be eliminated completely. Nevertheless, whenever they become known, we promise that we will try to find a solution as fast as we can.

Can you send me a free demo version?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. For extensive testing we have set up our test shops. Here you can try all functions and e.g. upload your articles.

What about the legal aspects (cease-and-decists)?

We handle this issue very carefully. To date, we have not heard of a a case where one of our customers received a cease-and-decist order regarding the online shop. Even though we try very hard to eliminate all known reasons for cease-and-decists, the danger is undeniable. To call a shop-system cease-and-decist-proof would be, in our opinion, dubious. Nevertheless we promise to do all we can to make the shop come as close as possible to achieving this aim.

There are so many offers, which one is the best?

Naturally, every provider will tell you that their offer is the best. Wich system best suits you however, only you can find out. Namely by extensively testing the individual systems and then deciding which one is the best for you.

Do not get blinded by empty promises.
Test first, buy second.
Expensive does not necessarily equal better.

What is PHP / MySQL?

PHP is a programming language on the server side. MySQL is probably the most widely used data base and is available for free. These two features can be installed on (virtually) all web servers. Most hosting providers already offer hosting-packages including these server extensions.

Can you tell me where to get my merchandise?

You have to decide what to sell for yourself. However, we will gladly provide you with some tips regarding good sources for purchasing merchandise.

I already have a shop, can I transfer the data?

It depends on the system your current shop is based on. Please contact us for specifics!

Do you offer a "24/7"-service?

No, that simply is not possible with the prices we offer. Nevertheless, we try to be there for you seven days of the week. So do not be afraid of having to wait forever for an answer. Besides, we want to offer competent support - NO callcenter, NO automated answers.

What about updates?

All general updates are available to you for free during the entire support-time.

I still have some questions, who should I ask?

As long as your questions are concerned with our offers, you can call or email us at any time.

So where is the catch?

We haven't found it yet and our customers are also still searching ;-)

Questions concerning the shop

How many items can I upload?

You can upload any number of articles. There are no limitations whatsoever. The biggest shop at the moment is operated with approx. 70,000 items.

How many categories and subcategories can I create?

You can create as many categories and subcategories as you want. There are no limitations whatsoever.

How many pictures can I upload for each article?

You can upload any number of pictures for each article.

Can I insert my own logo and change the layout?

Yes! All of this you can change in the administration area. Every color, font, menu box, background image etc. can be freely adjusted via the admin-panel.

Can the shop be integrated in an existing homepage?

No problem! Just install the shop in a subfolder and then put a link to the shop directly on your homepage. By aligning the design of the website with the design of the shop you can create a consistent look & feel. Your visitors will hardly notice that they are using two different systems.

Is stock management included in the shop?

Yes! You can add the stock numbers for each article. When this article is sold, the stock number is automatically reduced. In case you do not want to use this function, you can simply deactivate it.

Can I change the shop any way I want to?

As it is an open system, there are no problems here. Every programmer can change and extend the system any way he wants. You are thus not bound to us, you can programm any changes yourself or use the services of third parties at any time.

I want to sell download articles. Is that possible?

Yes! The necessary functions are pre-installed in the shop.

Can I include my own pages (HTML)?

Yes! You can include and manage as many editorial pages as you want using the Content Manager.

Will I receive the GTC for my shop from you?

NO! You are responsible for those yourself. As we are no lawyers, we cannot, will not and are not allowed to conduct legal consulting. Nevertheless, we will gladly help you in your search for experts.

Is it possible for the customer to choose the color, size or other variations of individual products in the shop himself?

Yes, that is possible. You can add as many options as you want for each article. The customer can then choose the desired variation directly in the shop.

Can I edit the shop offline, too?

No, that is not possible, as the system is administered online entirely. This has the advantage that you can manage your shop from every PC with internet access.

Isn't the shop OpenSource?

It sure is! This software is and will always be OpenSource and is under the GNU General Public License, Version 2, (GPL).

We do, however, deliver additional modules with the shop which are not or not entirely under GPL/GNU license.

  1. The module for the creation of PDF-invoices and delivery notes includes freeware-components ("pdfCreator") which are not under the GPL.
  2. The module for the editing of the shop layout ("StyleEdit") is not under the GPL. This module can principally also be used for other systems (e.g. CMS systems), therefore it does not constitute a function specifically developed for this shop and is not under GPL/GNU License. The interface used for this module that is included in the shop, however, naturally is under the GPL/GNU License. Should you want to use StyleEdit for other systems than the shop, please contact us via mail at styleedit@gambio.de for the licensing terms.
  3. The module used for the protection of the shop from hacker attacks ("G-Protector") is not under the GPL. This module can principally also be used for other systems (e.g. CMS systems), therefore it does not constitute a function specifically developed for this shop and is not under GPL/GNU License. The interface used for this module that is included in the shop, however, naturally is under the GPL/GNU License. Should you want to use G-Protector for other systems than the shop, please contact us via mail at info@gambio.de for the licensing terms.
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