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The Cloud is not for you? You can also run Gambio on your own server or hosting-package and take care of installation, maintenance and updates of the shop yourself. We have a perfect solution for you as well!

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  • Shop software
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All Gambio benefits
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  • 12 months of support via mail & telephone
  • Access to the Gambio community
  • Free access to all updates
  • Free access to all new versions
  • Customizer
  • Newsletter & Coupons
  • Property articles
  • Multilingual
  • Import / Export
  • Invoices & delivery notes
  • B2B
  • 200+ Integrations

You already have a hosting package,
for example of your website?

Awesome! Simply install the shop on the already existing webspace, you do not need an additional hosting package for the shop.

System requirements

the installation of the shop takes place on your own webspace (hosting package or your own server), that way you stay independent and nobody but you has access to your data. For the installation you only need a little bit og webspace (memory space) and a MySQL database. Virtually every hosting offer fulfills these requirements or even exceeds them.

Systema requirements in detail:

  • at least 500MB of webspace
  • at least PHP 7.1
  • MySQL database

You don't yet have a hosting package?

No problem! Our awesome partners offer you professional shop-hosting optimized for Gambio shops. The installation of the shop is always included if you opt for our partners. Naturally, you can also use any other hosting package with any other provider of your choice.

The 10 most frequent questions
regarding self-hosting.

Who is self-hosting the Gambio shop suited for?

If you decide to self-host your Gambio shop you receive the full functionality of the shop at the time of the purchase. Afterwards you are responsible for hosting, mantaining and updating your shop yourself. In comparison to our Cloud solutions, you profit from higher flexibility and customizability for your shop. Be it for the development of necessary functionalities or specific integrations.

What makes Gambio special?

Gambio is the flexible shop software that is used successfully by more than 20,000 businesses for their online shops. We have been developping Gambio in Bremen since 2005 and always have our customers' needs in mind. Gambio offers everything you need to successfully sell online: A modern, visually appealing shop system with a wide range of functions, connected to all big marketplaces and payment providers and inherently SEO-optimized. In addition, we have established a large Gambio community with thousands of active users and maintain a comprehensive network of partners in order to always provide the latest functionalities to enable you to successfully sell online.

How many articles and categories can I have?

There are no restrictions, you can create as many articles and (sub-)categories as you want - naturally without additional costs.

I have no experience at all, can I still use the shop?

Yes! Gambio is easy to use even for complete novices and if you do have a question or a problem you can always count on our support to help you out. If you do not want to host and maintain the software yourself you might want to look at our Cloud plans.

Is stock management included in the shop?

Yes! You can determine the inventory for each article. If an article is sold, the stock is automatically reduced. If you do not want to use this functionality, you can always deactivate it.

Can I include my own contents and pages as well?

Yes! You can add and manage as many editorial pages as you want via the Content Manager.

I live abroad, can I still use Gambio?

Yes! Our shop is successfully used all around the globe. However, we have to point out that we currently only offer support in German.

How about legal issues (e.g. legal warnings)?

This is a topic we handle with great care. As of yet we are not aware of any case where one of our customers received a legal warning concerning one of the shop functionalities. Although we try as hard as we can to eliminate all known reasons for potential legal warnings, the danger cannot be disputed. We do promise however, that we will do anything in our power to make the shop as legally secure as possible. Our Cloud plans include individually created and automatically delivered legal texts from selected partners for all our customers. These legal texts are updated if necessary (e.g. in case of changes in laws) via an interface.

What is the difference between Gambio Cloud and the self-hosted Gambio shop solution?

If you opt for one of our Gambio Cloud packages, we take care of the hosting, installation and all updates for your shop. This, as well as the support, is included in your monthly fee. You can, however, also install and run the software on your own server/webspace. In that case you are yourself responsible for hosting, installing and updating your shop with the updates we provide for free.

How can I migrate my current online shop to Gambio?

We support merchants that are currently using a different shop system by offering a migration service. We help you migrate your data like e.g. articles, orders or customer data.

You have questions?
Michi is there for you.

You can rely on our support. We find answers for questions, solutions for problems an assist you with dificulties. But it is not only Michi - our go-to guy. Behind him there is a versatile service team that takes your success very seriously.

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