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Gambio combines everything you need to successfully sell online: A modern, visually appealing shop-system with a large range of functions that is connected to all important marketplaces and payment systems as well as technically optimized for great search engine rankings.

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Layout & Design

A professional layout and shop-design is essential in ecommerce. With Gambio you can create beautiful shops without any coding skills whatsoever.

Choose layout (Themes)

We offer you different layouts and themes. You can choose one of our ready-to-use layouts and customize it any way you want.

Adjust logos & colors

Insert your own logos and background images, change the colors and implement even complex designs.

Gambio StyleEdit

This tool enables you to style your shop without coding skills. From small to complex changes - the entire design lies in your hands.

Mobile & Responsive

All our layouts & designs are responsive solutions which will be displayed optimally on all operating systems and mobile devices.

Individual theme

Naturally, you can also use themes developed by yourself or an agency.

Legal security & Warning protection

Gambio helps you to configure a legally secure shop and be protected against legal warnings.

Developed in Germany for Europe

We always keep an eye on current laws, demands and legislation in Germany and Europe.

GDPR Compliance

We help you to be technically compliant to the requirements of the GDPR.

Protection against legal warnings

Legal warnings are expensive and often avoidable. A number of features assist you in making your shop conformable to law.

Regular audits and certifications

In order to offer a maximum level of legal security, Gambio is being tested, audited and certified regularly by recognized legal service providers and partners. .

Mandatory information

For onlineshops, there is a lot of information required by law. Gambio enables you to enter and display in your shop the necessary infos on delivery time, taxes, delivery costs etc.

Double-opt-in newsletter registration

The registration for the newsletter is conducted safely via double-opt-in. Subscribers can easily unsubscribe via a link and will be removed from the list of recipients automatically.

Articles & Images

Let your products shine with Gambio.

Unlimited number of articles and categories

You manage an unlimited number of articles, categories und subcategories. You can create new products or edit existing articles at any time.

Property articles

Offer products in several sizes, colors, etc. You can assign individual images, prices, etc. to each variety.

Article images, Gallery & Zoom

You can upload an unlimited number of article images. They will be automatically stored and displayed in the correct formats. A zoom-function offers an enlarged, more detailed view of your product images.

Customer ratings

You can incorporate both internal and external ratings in your shop. The built-in ratings module lets you determine which ratings you want to show and who will be allowed to write ratings.


Recommend matching products to your customers to increase your turnover per customer.

Special offers

Enter special prices for limited quantities or a defined period. You can also show your special offers immediately on your homepage.

Bulk and customer group prices

Determine individual prices for different customer groups, e.g. B2B and B2C. Every customer only sees their allocated prices. In addition, you can also determine quantity-dependent bulk prices.

Basic prices

The declaration of basic prices is mandatory for a lot of products. The shop automatically calculates and displays basic prices depending on the unit (litre, meter, piece, etc.).

Stock management

Thanks to the built-in stcokmanagement you can easily keep an eye on your inventory and only sell every product until it is out of stock. As soon as a product is sold out, the delivery status is automatically adjusted. Cancellations and returns are considered as well.

Download articles (virtual products)

Virtual articles like music, images, software, etc. can also be sold with Gambio. After the order (and payment if necessary), your customers can simply download their files.


Filters make it easier to search for articles that meet certain criteria. You determine yourself which filter options you want to provide.


Comfortably import and export your article data as a CSV-file. Ready-made export formats make it easier for you to list your products in a number of price search engines. The compilation of large numbers of articles via a CSV-import is also a piece of cake.

Payment methods

Choosing the right payment methods is vital for the success of your shop. All relevant and established payment methods are at your disposal. You decide which payment options you want to offer and activate them with a click.

Advance payment

After completing their order, the customer will automatically receive your account details. As soon as the money has been transferred to your account, you send the order on its way.

PayPal and PayPal Plus

Paying with PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods. With PayPal Plus you can securely process several popular payment methods via a single interface.


Paying by invoice is especially popular and therefore an essential staple for shop owners. Shipping starts immediately and the customer only pays after receiving the goods.

Credit card

Credit cards are becoming more and more and more popular in Europe. Via different interfaces you can accept credit card payments in your shop and make it even more easy for customers to buy from you.


Sofort payment is popular with a lot of consumers. Thanks to the immediate payment confirmation you can ship the goods right away and make your customers happy even quicker.


On top of the secured invoice payment, Klarna offers numerous popular payment methods from a single source. Klarna takes care of the entire payment process. That way you will receive youre money, even when the customer hasn't yet paid the goods.

Shipping methods

Let the shop automatically calculate shipping costs as per your specifications and create package labels for different shipping providers directly in the shop itself.

Weight-dependent shipping costs

Let the shop automatically calculate shipping costs depending on the weight of the products ordered.

Price-dependent shipping costs

You can offer different shipping costs depending on the order value, e.g. free shipping from a certain amount.

Flat shipping costs

Determine fixed shipping costs that are independent from the order value or the weight of the articles ordered.

Destination-dependent shipping costs

You determine which countries you want to ship to and how much shipping will cost respectively.

Package label creation for DHL

Create package labels for DHL and use the DHL shipping solution Intraship as well as Postfinder with one click.

Package label creation for Hermes

Create package labels for Hermes and make use of their extensive range of services.

Package label creation with Shipcloud

Collaborate with all relevant shipping providers via a single integration. The connected providers include DHL, UPS, GLS, DPD etc.


Enter tracking IDs for your shipments in the shop and offer your customers the opportunity to comfortably track the progress of their orders.

Orders & Customers

Always keep an overview over your customers and their orders. Gambio ensures a frictionless order handling and happy customers.

Order management

Every order is shown in the admin area in realtime. You can examine each one in detail and even make manual changes where necessary.

Order confirmation via email

If you activate the automatic confirmation, your customers will be informed about the entry of the order via mail. You as admin will also receive a copy of the order confirmation via email.

Invoices & Delivery notes

Create invoices and delivery notes directly from the shop. Created documents can be printed, safed or sent as PDF via email directly to the customer.

Order status management

Via the order status you can already see in the overview which state every single order currently is in. Determine an unlimited number of order statuses and always keep your customer in the loop about the status of their order.

Automatic order status adjustment

Let the order status be adjusted automatically, e.g. after entry of the payment or the reception of a withdrawal. Naturally you can always also adjust the status manually. Your customers will be informed about every change of the order status via email.

Withdrawal management

Keep an overview of all the withdrawals you receive. In the admin area you can comfortably view, manage and process withdrawals.

Marketing & SEO

You can only sell when people find your shop. Our SEO features help you optimize your ranking with Google. A lot of additional clever marketing tools make sure that your visitors will actually become customers.

Google Analytics integration

Collect important data about the visitors of your shop by easily integrating Google Analytics.


A clever newsletter marketing strategy will help you increase your turnover and customer retention and generate interest with new customers. Gambio lets you collect and manage subscribers and design and send customized newsletters.

Social media

Increase your visibility in the relevant social networks and gain access to even more potential customers. Gambio assists you in presenting your awesome content everywhere.

Vouchers & Coupons

Create custom voucher and sell or use them for clever marketing events. This will help you win and retain customer or process complaints more quickly.

SEO Boost

Our SEO Boost turns cryptic URLs into perfectly readable paths. You can either determine yourself how your URLs are supposed to look or let the shop take care of it automatically.

Page speed optimization

Slow loading times cause high bounce-rates and cost you money. Gambio is optimized for fast loading times and offers you features like intelligent caching or Gzip to minimize them even more.


Well-conceived sitemaps serve several purposes at once. Our Gambio Sitemap-Generator automatically creates a machine-readable, cleanly structured index for your shop.

Rich snippets

Rich snippets are small extracts of certain shop contents in a defined format. These extracts can then e.g. be shown in the Google search results and create higher click-through-rates and in turn more visitors. Rich snippets are creatd automatically in your Gambio shop.

Onpage optimization

Sophisticated onpage optimization is the foundation of every SEO strategy. Gambio offers you excellent technical conditions for successful SEO and optimal positions in the search results.

Multichannel & Portals

You can not only market and sell your products in your own onlineshop. With just a few clicks you make them visible on all kinds of marketplaces and portals.

Google Shopping interface

Via a direct interface to Google Shopping you can easily list your products and create and manage targeted campaigns there.

Sell on Amazon

Also sell your products on Amazon and re-import orders made there into the shop to process them. This can easily be done with e.g. magnalister.

Sell on eBay

Also sell your products on eBay and re-import orders made there into the shop to process them. This can easily be done with e.g. magnalister.

Price comparison portals

Via a number of pre-defined interfaces and exports you can easily and quickly list your products in all relevant price search engines and generate valuable traffic for your shop.


Gambio offers you countless features and options. You adjust all settings in the admin area of the shop. And one thing naturally also holds true here: You don't need any coding skills.

Customer groups

Create as many customer groups as you need and determine individual conditions for prices or terms for payment and shipping for each one. That way you can process B2C and B2B customers in the same shop.

Customer accounts

Give your customers the option to create their own customer account. In their personal area they can manage their data or view orders. In addition, they do not have to re-enter their data when ordering in the future.

Guest orders

You as a ashopwoner can decide if you want to give your customers the option to order as a guest. That way customers can make an order without creating a permanent account.

Email templates

You can customize every email template used by the shop. This includes e.g. the order confirmation or the email for the creation of a customer account. You can also manage several language-specific versions of the email templates.


Operate your shop in as many languages as you want. On the basis of the browser language, the shop switches automatically to the language of the visitor. Language packages for German and English are included by default.


Gambio works with any number of different currencies such as EUR, CHF or US Dollar. As a shop operator, you decide in which currency you want to display your prices and whether your customers should be allowed to view the prices in other currencies.


The flexible tax system allows the convenient configuration of tax rates, zones and rules. You can store and manage any number of tax rates in the shop (e.g. 19% and 7% for Germany). The calculation and reporting of the VAT takes place automatically.

Intra-communal deliveries

Cross-border trade is constantly on the rise. The automatic recording of your customers' VAT ID numbers is just one of many features that make it easier for you to trade across borders with Gambio.


In addition to the regular backups we make of every shop in the Cloud, you can always save backups from your system on your own.


The protection of your data and that of your customers is a top priority for us. Therefore, we have developed the G-Protector, which acts as a shield against attacks and ensures that even existing vulnerabilities cannot be exploited easily.

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