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our shops.

Fulfilling all legal requirements is one of the biggest challenges, especially for smaller shops. We do our best to make your shop as legally secure as possible and to protect you from expensive legal warnings. So that you can focus on the essentials.


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Legal texts including assumption of liability

All cloud plans include individual legal texts, such as general terms and conditions, data protection, imprint etc. at no additional cost. Created by specialized lawyers, with assumption of liability and an automatic update service.

Exclusively for Gambio

Individual legal texts including assumption of liability for your shop included

The legal text packages our partners IT-Recht Kanzlei and Protected Shops offer shop owners a maximum of security and an optimal protection of legal warnings.

After answering a few questions, your individual legal texts will be created dynamically and automatically. Via the built-in shop interface, the legal texts will be placed automatically at the right spots within the shop and updated automatically when changes are made.

Icluded legal texts:

  • GTC
  • Withdrawal
  • Data protection
  • Imprint
  • Individual legal texts, created by specialized lawyers
  • naturally with assumption of liability
  • Update service to always include the latest legal texts
  • Included in all Cloud plans with no additional costs

Don't be afraid of legal warnings:
The legal texts package is already included in all Cloud plans - without restrictions and naturally with no additional costs!

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Stay up to date
in spite of changing laws

German and European legislation is constantly changing. New laws and regulations like the GDPR not only steal your time and money, they can be nerve-racking as well. That is why we include all the current legislaition during the development and thus help you to always be up to date with your shop.

Protect yourself
from unnecessary legal warnings

Often it's the avoidable trivialities that lead to expensive legal warnings. Some of the most common reasons for these warnigs include flawed pricing (basic prices, information on VAT or shipping etc.), missing information on data protection or a flawed inclusion of legal texts. That is why we ensure that Gambio is audited and certified regularly by recognized legal service providers and partners. That is our way of lending you a hand in making your shop as legally secure as possible and protect you from legal warnings.

Receive support
in case of disputes

We do everything we can to keep you protected. Legal security is one of our central topics already during development. Our legal partners help you make your shop waterproof. And with our free legal texts service you are also safe in that regard. In addition, Gambio supports the initiative "Fairness im Handel" which advocates for using legal warnings only as a last resort, even in case of disputes.

"The GTC integration of the IT-Recht Kanzlei enables
Gambio merchants to easily integrate legally secure texts in their Gambio shop."

Max-Lion Keller | Lawyer, LL.M. (IT-Recht)

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