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Administration & Security

Operate and manage your shop without any programming skills via the integrated admin-panel. We develop our software with the safety of your own and your customers' data always in mind.


No programming skills or elaborate technical knowledge are necessary to manage your shop. The entire administration of the online shop is conducted comfortably via the integrated admin-panel. You can access this password-protected area directly via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.) and have full control of all functions of the shop.

No matter if you are at home, in the office, in an internet café, on vacation or even on your mobile; wherever you have internet access you can:

  • Upload and edit articles
  • Create and edit categories
  • Edit orders
  • Manage customers
  • Print and edit invoices
  • Upload pictures
  • Create special offers
  • Define payment and shipping options
  • View statistics
  • Conduct data back-ups
  • Change the shop layout
  • ...and much more

Practical tip:
An intelligent assignment of rights makes it possible for you to have several admin-accounts with different rights. For example, you can establish specific admin-accounts for employees who only have access to orders or article maintenance.


The safety of your and your customers' data is our top priority. Therefore, we collaborate with internal and external experts in order to incorporate effective mechanisms against various types of hacking attacks already during development.

One example of a powerful instrument against attacks is our self-developed G-Protector. It acts as a shield against attacks and makes it impossible to exploit possible weaknesses easily.

Overview of selected security features:

  • Automatic login freeze against brute-force-attacks
  • Input filter to avoid SQL-injections and cross-site-scripting
  • Mechanisms to avoid XSRF-attacks
  • Capture-queries against spam robots
  • Block and report of sucpicious site views
  • Configurable IP and address space filter
  • Automatic clearing and reporting of sucpicious site views
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