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Articles and images

Gambio is perfect for presenting your products at their best and offer a comfortable shopping experience. Numerous clever functions will help you make every product shine.

Create and manage articles

Create and manage any number of articles, there are no limitations. The creation of new articles or the editing of existing ones is a cakewalk. Via intuitively operated masks, you can deposit all the relevant article information, such as article description and images, meta-tags, stock, shipping time, article number, price information etc. Naturally, you can also create and edit articles via CSV import/export. This way, hundreds or even thousands of articles can be created or edited at the same time.

Categories & subcategories

The creation and management of categories is just as easy as the article management. Create an unlimited amount of categories and deposit information such as category images, descriptions, meta-tags etc. You can easily assign every article to one or several categories. Within a category you can again create new categories, so called subcategories. Subcategories can then also contain subcategories themselves. Create a menu structure that is perfect for your product range. There are no limitations for either the number of categories or the amount of subcategories.

Property articles

Sell your products in as many variations regarding size, color, material etc. as you like. Your customers can then decide for themselves which variation they want to purchase. With every article variation you can deposit specific images, prices and stock numbers. Multidimensional dependencies can also easily be depicted with this system.

Practical example:
A shoe is available in various sizes, colors and materials. However, the shoe in size 40, black and made from leather is sold out. This combination is hidden automatically, until you decide that the article can be ordered again.

Article images

Deposit any number of images per article and thus enable your customers to get a detailed view of the articles from all perspectives. Simply choose the desired images from your hard drive when creating the article, and upload them into your shop with one click. Already during upload, the images are stored in several sizes. This technique not only increases the image quality but also ensures better loading times for your shop.

Practical tip:
Studies have shown that images that display how a product is being used, as well as images of the packaging can have a positive effect on the buying behavior of customers.


With a click on an article image, the image is enlarged and shown in a gallery. Your customers can comfortably look through all the images and get an ideal impression of all optical properties of the product.


The Zoom-function facilitates the depiction of a products' details. Move the mouse over an article image and the respective area is shown in maximal magnification.

Practical tip:
The Zoom is one of the most widely used functions of the shop. To allow for a maximal magnification, you should use high-resolution article images in your shop.

Graduated prices

You can allocate a price graduation to each product. According to the amount selected for that article, the prices change correspondent to the respective price graduation. You can even determine individual price graduations for each customer group.


Protect your product images from misuse from e.g. your competitors by automatically providing your images with watermarks. As a watermark you can for instance use your logo or any other graphic.


Present your products as clearly and comprehensibly as possible. A division of information in separate tabs (areas) on the detail page makes it easier for your customers to find the desired information. There are no limtations to the number of tabs.

Article ratings

Ratings are one of the most critical buying factors for a lot of customers. With the built-in internal rating system you can easily collect and display the ratings from your shop in order to facilitate the decision-making for your customers. The rating system is entirely independent, you retain full control of the ratings at all times. Furthermore, you determine who is eligible for rating your products - for instance only a specific customer group.

Besides the internal rating system, you also have integrations from numerous external rating systems at your disposal.


Increase your turnover by offering your customers corresponding additional articles. These can be e.g. suitable accessories for an article or a similar but superior article. You can either allocate suitable additional products to each article that are shown to the customer directly, or you can opt for the "Customers who bought this item also bought..."-function, that automatically presents corresponding products to the customer.

Base price indication

Some products require the indication of a base price in addition to the retail price. This defines the price per quantity unit and makes it easier for the customer to compare different prices. Base prices can be defined for every product, the calculation is then conducted automatically.

Customer groups: Prices & discounts

You can work with different customer groups and allocate different prices and terms to each group. Here you can determine whether you want to deposit an individual customer group price per article or if you want to grant a general discount on all articles. Naturally, each visitor only sees the prices allocated to his/her group. That way you can serve, for instance, consumers and resellers with the same shop.

Special offers

With the special offer function you can easily generate offers that are highlighted in your shop, e.g. on the start page. All you have to do is determine an offer price and how many articles are available for this price. You can also restrict the time period during which these prices are valid.

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