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What seperates a mediocre from a great shopping cart solution? Below you find a list of some special features.


With our specifically developed StyleEdit you can adjust your shop-design in detail according to your ideas. With just a few clicks, and without any programming skills or manual CSS- and HTML-overrides, you can create a completely individual look that suits both you and your customers.

Properties (multidimensional)

Add as many properties to your products as you want, e.g. size, color or material. You can store individual prices, pictures and further information for every possible combination. Unavailable combinations can be excepted from sale. This way, your customers can choose a product with the desired specifications and put it into the shopping cart.

Filter (Facetted Search)

The easier a visitor can find the products he is interested in, the more probable it is that he will make a purchase. With a filter navigation you offer your customers, on top of the regular navigation via product categories and the shop search, an additional option to find the relevant products as quickly as possible. Filters can be configurated per category or for the entire shop. As the shop-owner, you decide which properties can be filtered in the shop.


Search engines and visitors alike love plain text URLs. According to your specifications, our SEO-Boost converts long and cryptic URLs into easily readable ones. Readable URLs can contain e.g. relevant information and keywords for the product. This can have a positive effect on the ranking in search engines. Also, plain text URLs are clicked significantly more often than illegible ones.


Increase your turnover by offering your customers corresponding additional articles. This can be e.g. suitable accessories for an article or a similar, but superior article. You can either allocate suitable additional products to each article that are shown to the customer directly, or you can opt for the "Customers who bought this item also bought..."-function, that automatically presents corresponding products to the customer.

Zoom & G-Motion

With the Zoom- and G-Motion-functions you can stage your products appropriately. While G-Motion lets you create an individual product video/slideshow from single images,the Zoom-function lets visitors scrutinize even the tiniest detail.


Draw your customer's attention to special highlights from your product range right on the start-page. With just a few clicks the Teaser-Slider lets you create appealing slideshows for your shop using your own images, links and graphics.

Article data Import/Export (CSV)

With the CSV Import/Export module you im- and export data in exactly the predefined format - if you wish even automatically at predetermined times. Create as many export-templates as you want, or use one of the existing templates to export your data in the right format, e.g. for the listing in search engines and portals. A mass-import of article data within moments is also possible with this module.


Bind existing customers and win over new ones with vouchers and coupons. Vouchers are also great to handle complaints. You can individually create and issue your vouchers, or sell them directly in the shop. The creation of voucher-codes for mass usage is also no problem.

Stock management

Via the integrated stock management function you manage your entire inventory directly from the shop. The stock is updated automatically when an item is sold or an order is canceled. This way you only sell what is available.


Customer ratings are one of the most decisive buying factors for a lot of customers. On top of integrating numerous external rating systems, the shop is also equipped with an internal one. You can show the ratings given via this system in the shop, e.g. under the article description, and thus generate additional trust.

Legal protection / Protection against cease-and-decist orders

Already during development we collaborate with recognized lawyers and experts and take prevailing legal norms and the current jurisdiction into consideration. Moreover, Gambio GX3 was pre-certified by our partner Trusted Shops.

Invoices & Shipping labels

Comfortably generate PDF-invoices and shipping labels for each order. The templates can be adjusted according to your specifications with just a few clicks. Generated documents can either be saved or automatically sent directly to your customers via email. The usage of an external software is therefore no longer necessary.


Periodic newsletters and mailings still rank amongst the most effective marketing techniques existing in e-commerce. Via the newsletter-system you can easily send newsletters to all or selected customers.


As a shop-owner you are responsible for the safety of your customers' data. Furthermore, unsecure systems pose an unpredictable threat to your company. In development, we therefore put a large emphasis on the safety of your and your customers' data. On top of our own sophisticated tests, we also collaborate with external experts to achieve even better results.

Downloadable content

Virtual articles, such as music, images or software can also easily be sold with your shop. When a customer purchases such a product, he can instantly download it. Either once the payment has been cleared or as soon as a predetermined order status has been reached.


You sell individualized products (e.g. t-shirts or stamps), or articles for which you need certain information from your customers? With the Customizer module, you can determine which data you need from your customers for any given item. The upload of files is also possible with this module.

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