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Installation & System Requirements

The installation is a piece of cake and is conducted on your webspace or server. You can immediately start working with your shop.


A comprehensible routine leads you through the installation process. Even without any programming skills you will have your shop ready in just a few minutes. Afterwards, you can adjust your shop according to your ideas and wishes and start incorporating your products in the admin-panel.

Practical tip:
After installation, your shop will be accessible world-wide immediately. Use the Online/Offline-function to make your shop inaccessible from the outside initially. That way you can take all the time in the world to set up your shop and only open it for visitors when you are completely satisfied with the results.

Installation service:
Just use our installation service. For just 34,99 EUR you do not have to worry about anything, as we will make your shop ready for business for you on your webspace.

System requirements

The installation of the shop is conducted on your own webspace (a hosting-package or your own server), this way you remain independent and no one besides you has access to your data. For the installation you only need a bit of webspace and a MySQL database. Almost all hosting offers easily meet or even exceed these demands.

System requirements in detail:

  • 120MB+ of webspace
  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • MySQL database
  • GDlib 2+, smtp/sendmail/mail

You already have a hosting-package, e.g. for your website?

Perfect! Simply install the shop on the existing webspace, an additional hosting-package for the shop is not necessary.

You don't have a hosting package yet?

No problem, we will take care of it! We are working with several hosting-providers that have created optimized hosting-offers for Gambiocustomers. You can get professional shop-hosting from our partners starting from 9,99 EUR a month. The installation of the shop is already included. Naturally, you can also opt for a different hosting-package from a provider of your choosing.

More about the Gambio-offers from our hosting partners

Overview of popular hosting-providers

You are unsure about this and have questions?

Don't worry, it is not that complicated: In order for a shop to be accessible at any time via the internet, the data has to be stored on a server. The easiest option is to rent the required space on a server from a so-called hosting-provider. You can sit back and relax, because the hosting-provider will worry about the technology.

Detailed information on hosting

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