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Languages / Currencies / Taxes

Thanks to the flexible language-, currency- and tax-management you sell your products globally - if you want to!


Operate your shop in any number of languages at the same time. On the basis of the browser language, the shop automatically switches to the corresponding language and welcomes each visitor in his mother tongue, as long as it is available. Alternatively, you can change the language manually via a menu in the shop. As a shop-owner, all you have to do then is to enter your content (e.g. article descriptions and category names) in the selected language.
German and English are available by default.

Practical tip:
We recommend to operate your shop only in the languages you or your employees actually speak. Otherwise, communication with your customers will be difficult and they might get upset.


By working with several currencies, you spare your customers annoying manual conversions. You as a shop-owner can set up as many currencies as you want yourself. As the basis you determine one standard currency for the shop, for every other currency you only have to enter the conversion rate. Every visitor can choose his desired currency in the shop, conversion is then done automatically.


With the flexible tax-system you can comfortably configure tax rates, zones and regulations. In the shop you can lodge and manage any number of tax rates (default: 19% and 7% for Germany). For each article you now only have to select the appropriate rate. The software automatically calculates and displays the VAT.

Furthermore, you determine if the VAT has to be displayed at all, according to the destination. For example, you can offer tax-free shipping for non-European countries that way.

Intra-communal deliveries

If you sell to entrepreneurs from another EU-country, a VAT-free sale is possible, if certain conditions are met. After an automatic check of the customers' trade ID, you can refrain from displaying the VAT and opt for a net sale. The configuration of the automatic trade ID check is conducted in the shop with just a few clicks.

Shop-owners from Austria and Switzerland:
Thousands of shop-owners from Austria and Switzerland have been successfully using our software for years. Thanks to its flexibility, Gambio GX3 is one of the most popular shop-solutions in these countries.

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