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Layout & Design

Visitors decide within just a few moments if they consider a shop reliable and trustworthy. With Gambio you can generate a professional shop-design that reflects yourself and convinces your customers - without any programming skills. Naturally, you can also work with your own agency- or designer-developed templates.

Ready-made layouts / templates

The ready-made shoplayouts we provide you with, we call Templates. Most shop-owners use our modern "EyeCandy"-Template as a model in order to create an individual design for their shop in just a few steps. The "EyeCandy"-Template is not only aesthetically pleasing, easy to adjust and flexible, it was also developed in consideration of current insights in sales psychology and supports you as a shop-owner to optimally promote your products.

Create designs with „StyleEdit“

In "StyleEdit" we have developed a unique software that lets you create an individual and professional shop design without any programming skills. You can open your shop in the "StyleEdit"-mode directly from the admin-area. You can the select any given element of the shop and edit it via a graphic surface. Simple visual adjustments, like colors or wallpapers, as well as the implementation of complex designs are possible with "StyleEdit". The corresponding HTML- and CSS-code is meanwhile automatically generated in the background by the software. Without the manual alteration of a single line of code, "StyleEdit" has thus been responsible for thousands of great shop designs.

Basic settings

Specify how many articles you want to show on the start page or which font you use as default. With the basic settings you already have a range of configuration options to individualize your shop.

Logos and background images

Images and graphics, e.g. background images or header graphics, can be uploaded and positioned in the shop directly from the computer. Via the built-in Logo Manager you can upload and manage different logos, for example the shop-logo or special logos for emails and invoices.

Adjust colors and fonts

Every element of the shop can be selected and edited via the edit mode. That way you can adjust your shop in terms of color, style and size of the fonts. The result is displayed live in the shop and kann be altered or saved at any point.

Detail settings

Even the smallest details, such as clearances, color gradients etc. can be adjusted with "StyleEdit". This allows for the implementation of complex designs even without any programming skills. However, designers and developers with HTML- and CSS-knowledge love working with "StyleEdit", since the special built-in expert-mode and CSS-editor facilitate working with the software.

Individual templates

Templates that you have either designed yourself or ordered from an agency can also be easily used. As a matter of fact, numerous service providers have specialized on the implementation of individual templates for Gambio. Thanks to its use of the globally prevalent template-engine "Smarty", the creation of a template is possible even for providers without Gambio-experience.

Agencies, developers & designers

We rely on modern web technologies, such as AJAX, the javascript framework jquery or the template-engine "Smarty". Thanks to the consistent separation of code and layout elements, self-made layouts can be implemented quickly and without special knowledge.

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