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Legal Security & Cease-and-Desist Protection

Gambio offers you optimal conditions to operate a legally compliant shop.

Exclusively for Gambio

Individual legal texts with assumption of liability included

The legal texts packages from our partners IT-Recht-Kanzlei and Protected Shops offer merchants maximum security and state-of-the-art protection from cease-and-desists.

After answering a few questions your legal texts are generated dynamically and automatically. Via the interface included in the shop the texts are automatically placed in the right spots throughout the shop and are uptated automatically if any changes happen.

Included legal texts:

  • GTC
  • Withdrawal
  • Data protection
  • Imprint


  • Individual legal texts drawn up by specialized lawyers
  • Assumption of liability naturally included
  • Update-service for continually current legal texts

No fear of cease-and-desists:
The legal texts package is included in all Cloud plans - no restrictions and of course no additional costs!

Now included

Developed in Germany for Europe

Gambio is being developed specifically for the German/the European market. Which entails fullfilling legal requirements not only superficially but to the last detail. With Gambio, merchants get the best conditions for legally secure commerce in Germany and Europe.

Typical reasons for Cease-and-Desists

Thanks to the continuing monitoring of current German and European jurisdiction, we can quickly react to changing legal requirements and adapt Gambio accordingly. On top, we put a special emphasis on the legally secure design of those functions, that are especially often the reason for a cease-and-desist warning. These include:

  • Pricing (base price, information regarding sales tax, shipping etc.)
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • effective incorporation of legal texts
  • Obtaining of consent (e.g. data transfer to shipping companies)

Regular audits and certifications

Gambio is regularly reviewed, audited and certified by well-known external legal service providers and partners.

GDPR Compliance

Data protection always plays a major role in an online merchants' life. Gambio gives you a hand in optimally meeting the requirements of the GDPR on the software side. This includes for example the obtaining of consent, the automatic logging of certain procedures and the transferability of data in suitable formats.

Initiative "Fairness im Handel"

As the provider of a shopsoftware that is being used by thousands of merchants we have a special interest in commerce following consistent rules and allowing for a fair competition. Also, fair and equal dealings amongts merchant is dear to us. We are convinced that in case of a dispute communication is a better tool than a legal process to find constructive solutions. That is why Gambio supports the initiative "Fairness im Handel" (Fairness in Commerce).

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