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Mobile Commerce

More and more revenue is generated on mobile devices. Make your shop shine on smartphones and tablets with our specially designed mobile template.

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Just open the following link with your smartphone or scan the QR-code to try it out:

Rufen Sie mit Ihrem Smartphone den Link aufwww.gambio.de/MobileCandy/Gambio GX3 MobileCandy


Onlineshopping, from finding inspiration to the eventual purchase, today is a mobile experience. The majority of customers use (almost) exclusively smartphones and tablets. Operating a shop without a mobile-optimized temaplate simply isn't an option anymore. For your Gambio-Shop, we therefore developed our MobileCandy that turns mobile-shopping into an easy and comfortable experience for your customers. MobileCandy provides your shop with a lean and clear design and intuitive handling.

Just scan the QR-code above or open one of our testshops with your smartphone to test it yourself.

Ever since Google made mobile-friendliness a ranking-factor, one thing has become evident: mobile websites that take forever to load or are hard to read will be punished in the search results. Gambio MobileCandy helps you avoid ranking losses: the template offers fast loading times and a clear structure by design. You will not only increase overall customer satisfaction and thereby your sales - Google will also love your page!

MobileCandy is free and easy to install. You won't find a faster and easier way to benefit from the growing mobile market!

Your MobileCandy benefits:

  • Optimized product presentation
  • User-freindly navigation and search
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Automatic device detection
  • Colors, logos etc. customizable
  • Optimized checkout
  • Fast growing mobile sales
  • No external service necessary
  • Straightforward installation
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