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Orders & Customers

Keep an overview of your customers and their orders: Numerous useful functions ensure smooth order processing and happy customers.


Customer group function / B2B-function (Wholesale)

You can work with different customer groups, and for example allocate discounts to regular customers or special prices to resellers. Customer groups can easily be created and flexibly configured. Individual customers can either be assigned to certain groups manually, or automatically on the basis of specific criteria. Naturally, every visitor sees the standard conditions first. Only after the login with email address and password he is shown the conditions allocated to him. That way you can serve, for instance, consumers and resellers with the same shop.

Customer account

You decide which order options you want to offer your customers and which information is requested in the process. Have your customers create their own customer account, order as visitors only or let them decide for themselves which option they prefer.


» Generate customer account

Allow your customers to generate their own customer account. With their email address and a password of their choosing, they can log into their personal customer section, where they can manage their personal data, view their past orders or the status of current ones. All relevant information is readily available for future orders and does not need to be entered again. This kind of simplification increases customer satisfaction and helps you turn one-time customers into regulars.

» Visitor order

When customers order as a visitor, no customer account is created. Instead, all relevant information has to be filled in for each order. Other than with the generation of a customer account, with a visitor order you can skip steps such as typing in the password, and thus shorten the login time.


Orders & Customers

Every order is shown in realtime to you, the shop-owner, in the admin-panel. Furthermore, both you and the customer receive an instant, automatic order confirmation with all order details via email. In the admin-panel, you can view each order in detail and even make manual modifications. Additionally, you can immediately see from the order status which step of the process the order has reached. The order status is adjusted automatically according to your specifications, for example when a payment has been received. The customer is then informed of the new order status via email and is thus up to date at all times. Naturally, you can always add as many order statuses as you want and change the status of an order manually.

Email templates

From the order confirmation via email all the way to the shipping notification - there are many occasions where the shop automatically sends out emails. You can easily adapt the email templates it uses according to your needs in the admin-panel.

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