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Search engines (SEO) & Marketing

You can only sell, if you are found. Our "integrated search engine optimization" is the foundation for a good ranking in Google & Co. Numerous other clever marketing tools help you actually turn visitors into customers.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The optimization of their own content for search engines is one of the biggest challenges for shop-owners. A good ranking brings customers to the shop and is therefore the foundation of a successful business. Numerous SEO-functions assist you in making your shop and your products optimally visible for Google and other search engines, and as a result achieve the highest possible ranking in the search results. In order to keep your shop one step ahead in the future, we continually finetune the SEO-concept and collaborate with recognized experts already during development.

Some of our SEO-Features:

Gambio SEO-Boost

The Seo-Boost generates particularly search engine friendly plaintext-URLs, exactly according to your specifications.

Loading time optimization

Thanks to intelligent caching and gzip, loading times can be shortened significantly.

XHTML-valid template & Spreadsheet-free layout

Neatly programmed code improves the readability for search engines and thus helps achieve a better indexing.

Sitemaps & Google-Sitemap-Generator

Sitemaps serve as a directory of the shops' contents for search engines and make it easier for you to index new pages.

Meta description & Keywords

Meta-tags are invisible to visitors but they are read by search engines and contain important information about your shop. A utilization of meta-tags is one of the SEO basics.

Title- & Headline-tags (H1, H2 etc.)

The title-tag is one of the most important rating-factors for search engines. The title-tag is the name of a page, which is shown in the browser title bar. H-tags mark headlines within websites and assign special relevance to them.

Image-alt-tags & Optimized file names for product images

The optimization of your product images can be an important ranking-factor. Via alt-tags you let search engines know what is depicted in your images. Meaningful file names for the images additionally support this.

Optimized robots.txt

A robots.txt-file lets search engines know which sites not to index. A non-indexing can also be beneficial to your rating.

Social media integration

The integration of Facebook, Twitter & Co. increases your visibility in social networks. On top of directly gaining new customers, high visibility in social networks also significantly influences your search engine ranking.

Intelligent duplicate-content-prevention

Duplicate content is a common SEO problem. With some clever functions we help you avoid it. For example, an article that is listed in different categories will always have the same URL.

Google Analytics connection

Only with reliable tracking of your shop can you measure success and spot potential for optimization early. With a direct connection to Google Analytics and other analysis-tools the tracking of your shop now is as easy as never before.


Mailing newsletters and special offers is still one of the most efficient marketing-tools for shop-owners. You can either use the integrated newsletter module for the creation of individual mailings, or connect your shop via various interfaces with one of the numerous external providers of mailing solutions.

Vouchers & Coupons

Vouchers and coupons also are an ideal marketing-tool. You can create and manage individual vouchers as well as universal coupons, e.g. for printed advertisement. Naturally, the sale and redemption of gift cards is also possible.

Social media

Actively incorporate Facebook, Twitter & Co. into your shop. If you for example offer your customers the opportunity to recommend individual products via these platforms, you will reach a vast amount of potenial new customers.

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